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James Ron has performed advisory and research services for a wide variety of organizations, including the Canadian government, non-governmental organizations, market research firms, and philanthropic foundations. Please visit the publications page to see the relevant reports. Some of these advisory experiences include: 

1. Survey Design

In addition to designing surveys for his own academic research across the developing world, James has designed nationally representative surveys of the US adult population for the Center for Victims of Torture and Human Rights Watch, and of the adult populations in Mexico City and Bogotá with support from the Open Society Foundations.  

2. Data Analysis  

In addition to extensive qualitative and quantitative data analysis for his own academic research, James has done quantitative analysis for Engage Health, a Minneapolis-based market research firm specializing in rare diseases. 


3. Human Rights Documentation   

James has done extensive field research for Human Rights Watch over several decades, including hundreds of witness interviews in Albania, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Palestine, Turkey, and Russia. 

These projects focused chiefly on events occurring during armed conflict. 


4. Program Evaluation   

James evaluated the refugee aid programs of CARE, a US-based humanitarian agency; civilian protection programs for International Committee of the Red Cross; and medical supply efforts by Life for a Child, an Australian charity affiliated with the International Diabetes Federation.


These projects were focused on programs in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Morocco, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.


5. Policy Advisory    


James completed three policy advisory projects with the support of the Canadian department of international affairs and international development, Global Affairs Canada. 


These projects were focused on civil war, research methods, and transitional justice. 

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